Each year in February, the foothills of the Snowy Mountains in NSW come alive with the sounds of one of the most exciting and spectacular sports that you might see; RODEO!!

Rodeo is an exhibition of unquestionable grit, determination, fortitude and skill.  It is a sport that has developed from the strong history of the great Australian stockman.  A link with our long lost past where hard working men and women faced every adversity with the typical positive Australian attitude and still had enough energy for a bit of sport at the end of the day.

With a strong history of providing top level entertainment, the Cooma Rural Rodeo is popular with young and old alike.

2017 order of events

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Ladies Steer Ride

CRT COOMA RURAL RODEO SATURDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2017 STEP UP LADIES; ITS TIME TO TAKE ON THE ROUGH STOCK! The CRT Cooma Rural Rodeo has listened to all the ladies out there who want to have a go at the rough stock events! 2017 will see the Mack’s Auto & Tyre Centre Ladies Steer Ride …

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Poley Buck Jump

CRT COOMA RURAL RODEO SATURDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2017 CALLING ON THE SPIRIT OF THE MAN FROM SNOWY RIVER The Monaro and Snowy Mountains regions are well renowned for producing some great horsemen and some fantastic rough stock riders, with a select few going on to achieve fame and fortune on the rodeo circuit. Because the …

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How To Enter

 CRT COOMA RURAL RODEO 2017 HOW TO ENTER CRT Cooma Rural Rodeo will be held at the Cooma Showground on Saturday the 11th February 2017 and the committee would love to see more locals enter the events. Unfortunately you are no longer able to enter on the day. As entering your first rodeo can be a …

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History of rodeo

Rodeo began on the ranches of the wild west in America.  Working cowboys would have informal competitions to decide the most skilled riders and ropers.  These local gatherings became so popular that they moved to towns, events were standardised and rules were established — the sport of rodeo was born! In Australia, the birth of …

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Rodeo Events

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